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The World Ceramic Biennale Korea

The World Ceramic Biennale is the world's only biennale that deals with ceramic art, the ceramic industry, and ceramics culture. It is held every two years, since it started in 2001. Now it has been positioned as one of the leading international cera...

Icheon Ceramics Festival

The Icheon Ceramics Festival will be many elegant and practical ceramics works to appreciate and to purchase. There is also much to enjoy, including lighting the fire for the traditional kiln, experiencing clay ceramics demonstrations, tea etiquette,...

Hacssrae janghowon Peach Festival

Every year in early April, ]angh0won is full of peach blossoms. In September, when the peaches are harvested, people gather to enjoy the peach festival.janghowon peaches are sweet, and their high quality is recognized around the nation.

Ichcon Backsa Sansuyu Blossom Festival

There is Sansuyu habitation around thc Dorip-ri, Gycongsa?ri, and Songmal-ri areas of Backsa?mycon. In thc spring, thc world bccomcs yellow. Spring in Ichcon bcgins with thc Sansuyu Festival and thc Sansuyu Blossom.

Seolbong Cultural Festival

The Seolbong Cultural Festival is a comprehensive festival. Its purpose is to pass on Icheon`s traditional culture and to create a new local culture. A writing contest, art exhibit, concert, beacon lighting ritual, pungmul performance, and photo exhi...

Icheon Rice Cultural Festival

Rice is a representative product of Icheon. The Icheon Rice Cultural Festival promotes Icheon rice and the wise agricultural culture of Korean ancestors. There are various events, including thrashing, milling, straw crafts, carrying rice sacks, and m...